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CAD Modeling

All these projects I created in Cinema 4D. In some cases animations flybys are available to see the full virtual walk through. I began learning Cinema 4D, 8 years ago. I was hooked from the very first extruded logo. But I kept getting projects that required me to delve deeper into the software. Cinema 4D's UI is really good. I prefer it to Maya by far. I am by no means a master in CAD, it is so vast in its ability, but I'm growing with it. I am entering into the next wave from geometric architectural drawings to bio-morphic and character drawings. This is a powerful element in a skill-set and I enjoy the options it provides while designing almost anything.


I've had many opportunities to create conceptual drawings for spaces. I usually start with a blue print of the building to establish the area of interest. Sometimes there is a material mood board for a visual center. Sometimes there is nothing and it's organic from my sketches.



I really like product design. One of my good friends when I was attending ArtCenter was a product design major and I thought about pursuing product design. It's not my singular focus but I do often create the initial product designs for projects that have larger scopes and the brand needs to encompass all aspects of the product.


Type Design

Cinema 4D is amazing at making type in a 3D space. I've played with type that grows hair. Although I've done network sports graphics, it's not really what i am drawn to with CAD type. There is an art element that I'd like to explore further.

Cartoon Art Museum

New space concept layouts for visualization and funding presentation documents for mthe Cartoon Art Museum near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.


This CAD design for a Flagship Croc store was part of a bigger campaign. The creative brief had asked for a hidden section to sign wholesale orders deals with dealers. The main Croc Branded wall had a secret shoe that when twisted opened the wall. Two red lights blinked as the other shoe wells were timed and lit as part of the fanfare.

Keiser Fitness Equipment

Keiser manufactures exercise/fitnbess equipment. These drawings were for a Fitness Trade show whereas Keiser has a large floor presence. It was set up to hold three spin classes daily as well as demos. A large screen at the front of the spin class displayed surreal bicycle course via Swift®. A challenge was drawing all the exercise equipment models accurately from photos and without blue prints and measurements. I also designed the graphics and signage for this installation.

Lenovo Think Pad

This project was initially a rebrand of the ThinkPad that Lenova bought from IBM years prior.. Parts of the project included a trade show booth, packaging and concepts for the new Think Pad product. The Think Pad itself was a fun exploration. I created a 360° touch pad. A Think Pad that could operate like a laptop with a virtual keyboard that could full open and lock into a large format Tablet. Both sides were skinned with touch pad screens so the outside when closed could have a clock and be personalized with images or anything. Kind of like an old text book cover but in the future. We also cross pollinated the outside with movie release graphics.

BSSP Content/ Edit Suites

This project creative brief had a few deliverables that included two edit suites/ three mini meeting rooms / a sound booth/ production area and a seamless photo stage that came out of brainstorming discussions. There was already a loft two offices that I made into the edit suites. We reviewed a couple different layouts that moved staff work stations in and walls to increase social flow and we added a lounge.

KitchenAid showroom/ store displays

As the design for a KitchenAid Magnetic Blender packaging was being created , KitchenAid asked for some in store display designs as well as a flagship production section that they could install in larger markets.

UnderArmour MLB Store

Concept Major League Baseball Flagship equipment store. UA is going to be the new apparel supplier for MLB 2019

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