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Creating a logo to represent your brand should project your brand's visual intent, values and identify the product or service inherent in your company. An interesting functional mark can be an effective first impression that becomes the face of your brand over time.


I've selected a vast array of styled logos in an effort to show the unique nature within each project's intent. There are infinite solutions and arriving at the final design that supports and conveys your brand's DNA is a team effort.  Each of these iterations are developed for a specific set of deliverables based on an extensive creative brief.



A brand is far more than a logo. Although the logo is the first impression the user sees, all of the peripheral elements should be related and build a library of visual assets that works together in a clear and concise manner.  A well designed brand is a fusion of the identity, typography, photography, palette, UX, UI, and XD. Composing these elements with the rules and information provided in Brand Guidelines document ensures succinct designs reflecting the values and dna of the brand. I prefer entertaining qualities in brand design and its ability to be distilled into a simple clear form.


Sunrun is San Francisco based provider of residential solar electricity.

Sunrun Brand Identity Logomark

Sunrun Brand Identity Logomark conceptual breakdown

Sunrun sub-brand lock-ups

Unreal Candy Company

Unreal Candy Co. is an all natural candy bar manufacturer based in the bay area.

Parent Brand Logotype

MINI Cooper Oxford Edition

This logo was created for MINI Cooper to identify the their Oxford Edition F56 that is (Made in Oxfordshire, England)

Product Logotype for the F56 Model Mini Copper. Grill Badge Application

This logo was created CD as a destination for tourism to locate Cannabis Dispensaries.

Logotype for start-up web based Cannabis Dispensary Search site.

Aleminati Brewing Supplies

This logo was created for a Home brewing supply network

Homebrewing Northbay crest for beer brew with these brewing supplies.

Akili Interactive

Akili Interactive is a prescription digital medicine company combining scientific and clinical rigor with the ingenuity of the tech industry to reinvent medicine.

Primary Brand Logo (akili)

Business card examples

FlipSide Editorial

This logo was created to suggest an 'Oz' type behind the scene magic in video post production. FlipSide Editorial is a video post production facility in San Francisco, CA.

Flipside primary pictorial logo for screen use and animation.

MCBC Marin County Bicycle Coalition

This logo was created to upgrade the visual presence of MCBC. The logo is a combination road and mountain handle bars and seat that create a deer.

Brand Mark (MCBC)

Primary Logotype


This logo was created for my wife's Doula business.

Primary Logo

APS (Advance Pasteurization Services)

This logo was created in the late 90's with a friend whose family is in the almond business in Winters, CA. Initially we developed an almond with a halo, but the focus was shifted to the organic nature of pasteurizing almonds with a steam blast. So it's a tree angel with a steam puff base.

Primary Brand Mark


Anish is an Austrian jewelry maker start-up. The word is derived from Sanskrit, meaning Supreme or Godlike.

Primary Brand Logotype

WNR (Wednesday Night Riders)

I created this logo for a mountain bike night riding group in which  I have ridden with for 11 years. The eyes glow in the dark on the shirts we print every year. I redesign a nocturnal  version of this logo each printing BBQ. We finally made laser etched wooden plaque and put it up at the MTB bar (Gestalt Haus). The more ambitious version was a mechanical interactive iteration with bike lights for eyes and secret compartment for safety meetings.rian jewelry maker start-up. The word is derived from Sanskrit, meaning Supreme or Godlike.

Primary Brand Logotype

Stencil version

Wall Plaque for Gestalt Haus in Fairfax, CA

New Langton Arts

New Langton Arts was a leader in exhibiting new media forms in art and involving artists in the decision-making process and have been a central figure in the San Francisco Bay Area art scene for 30 years. This logo was created as part of a campaign to, promote a gallery art auction showcasing a group show event that occurred bi-annually .



Primary Brand Logotype

Marin Society of Homebrewers

I did this logo for the group that meets in Novato each month and share homebrewing secrets and beer.

Primary Brand Logo

Influx Insights

Influx explores the intersection of brands and the social, consumer and cultural forces that influence them. Influx is a source for brand definition,  transformation and growth. After delving into the core of Influx, the re-occurring theme was a relentless to visit and define culture as it exists in brands. A honeybee was a metaphor that resonated and explained this process. I explored photographic styles and data styled concepts, but landed on a graphic solution that was modular.


Primary Brand Logo

Animatic Production Design

The Animatic brand design and logo concept was a nod to Hollywood back lot production. These were printed with an extremely high line screen which displayed the depth and detail. This project felt like painting and that's always a good feeling.

Business card (L) front .  (R) back

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