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Paint and Ink

Vector illustrations may not fit into the design loom and feel. Some projects require the raw nature analog drawings. I have always drawn and created worlds to form some self entertainment. And now, it's a great exercise with my kids, who love to draw even more than I do. Kids are amazing at developing new styles that are set in their view of the world. I am inspired and thankful to get to understand the process all over again. The byproduct of fun is a new sense of wonder. I cannot wait to have our kids drawing on computers, but I also don't want this to ever end. And for more artistic projects, art makes the cut. There is a fine line between commercial art and fine art. But that's a whole other discussion for philosophers.



Vector Drawings

I've developed my illustration skills over years of needing illustrative elements for projects. Illustrations add a deeper level to communication and visual interest. Adobe Illustrator is my favorite applications to create vector drawings, and the possibilities are endless. Combining initial vector illustrations and pixel based textures in Photoshop seem to make yet another style. My style is a little graphic, a little graffiti, and a little cartoonish with some oddity at times.


SFMoMA Merging Perspectives

These drawings I made for the introduction animations for a panel of architects at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Each structure is composed like a diorama styled world. I animated information graphics and each architect's introduction into all the created landscape screens by 'pushing in' in AfterEffect comps. The animations are on my site in the motion graphics/ animations section.

St. Marks School

I did this vector illustration for a fellow designer that wanted an illustration of their Flying Lion motif.

MasterBrew pH balance beer brewing water

Water is an important ingredient in homebrewing. Master Brew Water has perfectly balanced pH for yeast to do their business turning sugar to alcohol. They came to me and wanted a mad scientist for their bottle labels.

Priceline Thunder Dragons MC ad logo

BSSP was doing an ad campaign for Priceline and the concept included a motorcycle club jacket logo worn by William Shatner. I created a few and this is the final approved version.

Nick Ruud

This was an illustration of a friend for his musical release cover.

MVFF40 Sponsor Ad

This is an outtake from round 1 comp for the Mill Valley Film Festival Sponsor Ad for BSSP.

Watercolor paints composed in Photoshop.

MVFF41 Festival Poster

These were a few iterations in round 1 for Mill Valley Film Festival.

(1) Watercolor composed in Photoshop. (2) CAD drawing in Cinema 4D.

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