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Brand design often includes applying the visual center to peripheral brand elements, like packaging. I enjoy combining 2D graphics into a 3D structure.  This is essentially a UX or UI design project. From the structure to the brand graphic visual center that skins the housing of a product, this area is the tangible hands on connection to the consumer.


Mini USA

MINI rewards gift for lease renewals. Product development and packaging.

Plastic vacuum formed tray insert with print laminated board sleeve.

Nokia Lumia 900

Smart Phone packaging for retail space in carrier stores. This includes a 'Socialize Kit' which provided a suite of additional products to enhance online photography posts on social media platforms. The full campaign had a site that promoted the main feature of the Lumia 900 which at the time was the Zeiss lens camera.

Unreal Candy Co.

This was an extremely fun project. The original creative brief was to be a disruptive candy bar in a grocer space. I created 12 different packages based on their naming protocol. Hand drawn type and many different logo styles and designs added to the unique versions. Unreal Candy is sustainably sourced with all natural ingredients. At the time, they were ahead of the curve and many others in this space were racing to hit the market with a higher priced healthy choice candy bar.


The project creative brief for this package based on the launch of a new magnetic drive blender that would compete with VitaMix in both quality and design. We created the package in tandem the product design, so all we had were drawing initially, so I created CAD drawings of the blender and the dial interface. The dial was the main feature and KitchenAid wanted to promote this aspect. There was also a card insert for special offer attachments.

Beer Labels Homebrew

I brew beer and one of the most entertaining aspects of each batch is creating the name and label. These brewing beer projects were mostly gifts or brewed for an occasion. I learned some amazing DIY systems for attaching labels; like brushing milk onto the backs of each label and placing them onto the bottles. This was great when the bottles were returned to me the labels were removed easily and I could sterilize the bottles and home recycle. Plus the bottles were 70% of the cost to brew. Because these had no market or even a reason to exist....there were no guidelines other than to crack a smile and a beer.

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