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Blue Shield California


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I've selected a few projects (below) that display a range of design disciplines, as an introduction. There is some cross pollination in any given project. Often branding/ logo projects, lead to website projects, that have illustrations, that are animated etc.


There is no singular process that creates all visual/conceptual solutions. Each project is unique and requires exploration and understanding to develop the brand design.  My objective is to develop a specific process that addresses the requirements and brand voice. After meeting this criteria I will evolve and compose those elements to proficiently represent your brand now and in the future.


If less is more, then nothing is the most.

Simplicity is one aspect of graphic communication, but

discovery and thinking are the essential paths that deliver new solutions and override any mantra.


Blue Shield California

I have spent a lot of time designing projects for Blue Shield that adhere to their evolving brand. I've done website three consecutive years that reflect the brand guidelines from those year's style guide.


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